Bring Your Team Together

Huddle is a library of fun & simple group games, all on one screen. No app downloads required.

Teams That Play Together, Work Well Together

Getting your team to engage and bond is no easy feat.

Huddle is designed to make your team team smarter, more collaborative and most of all, not bored. All you need to play is your phone.

How It Works

Connect Your Browser To A TV

Connect your browser to a nearby TV or use the browser on your SmartTV, and you’re ready to play

Start A New Game

Choose from a range of simple games to break the ice, improve communication or spur creativity. All via the Huddle platform.

Join The Game With Your Phone

Your whole team can easily join the game in seconds from their phone. No app install required.

That’s it!

Now your whole team gets to play.

Customized with your brand and content

Supports up to 200 team members

No app installs or accounts required

Players can connect over data or wifi

Huddle is perfect for

Company Parties


Team Exercises


We can set up a Huddle game for your company